Specialty Care Services
  • Vision Rehabilitation/Vision Therapy is a specialized optometric therapy program for our patients with vision disorders. Each patient learns and practices specific eye activities with provided equipment and our trained therapists. Through vision rehabilitation, we have helped our patients overcome visual challenges, increase reading speed, and relieve visionā€related symptoms such as car sickness, eye strain and headaches. For more detailed information on Vision Therapy, please see Vision Rehabilitation section.

  • Visual motor and visual perceptual evaluations and treatment

  • Non-surgical treatment for Strabismus (eyeturns) and Amblyopia (lazy eye) - When necessary, Co-management of strabismus surgery and neurological conditions with associated visual conditions.

  • Developmental Vision Testing determines whether or not a patient is diagnosed with visual dysfunctions that interfere with life skills and educational development such as attention, reading, and learning and including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Reading, and Tracking Problems, etc.

  • Dyslexia Testing - It is important to the child or adult to realize the cause of their reading problem. Early detection is extremely important in addressing a proper multi-disciplinary team appoach to treatment. Vision therapy can help treat associated eye tracking, eye teaming, eye focusing, and visual processing deficits. He can evaluate whether or not a child has dyslexia and/or associated vision problems.

  • Children with Special Needs often have vision problems contributing to their challenges. Our doctors provide diagnoses and treatment for vision problems that impact children with Autism, CP, MS and Downs Syndrome.

  • Stroke, Accident and Traumatic Brain Injury Victims - Vision problems associated with stroke and brain injury often suffer from a head injury that can result in visual disturbance. Our vision rehabilitation program can help patients regain visual functions, improve visual vestibular coordination, and learn how to better use the vision that is left.

  • Sports Vision Improvement - Sports Vision Training helps many athletes who either have vision disorders or want to give themselves an extra edge with their sports performance. Vision training can improve all the required visual skills needed to excel in sports.

  • Total Assessment Program - A Total Approach is very pleased to bring together a panel of professionals to work together on the evaluation of children of all ages. For multiple years now A Total Approach has been able to provide multiple services under one roof that has made it possible for families to decrease their driving in a practical way, but more importantly, have a team approach to their children. Now, together with other esteemed professionals in their respective fields of expertise, we bring the families of America to one place for a full diagnostic work up of their child's learning and developmental profile that would describe their children's strengths and weaknesses in full. To learn more about this program, please visit their website or download a brochure.