Vision Rehabilitation Success Stories

I was hit in a rear end collision two and a half years ago and, as a consequence, suffered double vision after surgery to repair the left (broken) eye socket. I am, or was an artist. I could not work without suffering a migraine headache, and I gave up trying to draw and to read (and I used to read daily). I am able to do both activities again without a problem during the day. I no longer notice the double vision unless it is late in the day and I am tired. I would say I have had incredible improvement!

For people that are interested or curious about Vision Therapy I'd like to say: First that it works, second, that they need to devote time to practice the exercises on a daily basis and third, to persevere when they believe it to be impossible! If I were talking to people about what I liked about Vision Therapy, I would tell them that Joe Downes was the best therapist I could have imagined! He has an infective positive attitude, a creative problem solving approach, and a "never- say- die" zeal, without which, I very well might have thrown in the towel at a few junctures... he was adept at his explanations; he was an awesome communicator of the material. He seemed thoroughly competent and aware at every turn of the situation and the applicable knowledge base on it. I very much appreciate the help. I also appreciate that every member of the staff was friendly, courteous, and professional. Thank you!
JoAnne B.
March 12, 2015

Dear Dr. Blackburn,
Paul & I want to thank you for helping us identify the challenges Mark has been encountering and for referring us to Dr. Kay and Dr. Curtain. We still have a very long journey ahead of us; however, with greater insight we endeavor to help our son fulfill his destiny of being all that God created him to be. Without you, we most surely would still be at a loss in understanding the best way to connect with Mark and understanding his view of the world around him. Please continue to pursue your destiny in helping others to overcome obstacles and reach their potential.
Nancy & Paul

Harrison's LetterI hope this letter finds you well. I chose to do vision therapy because I was desperate as I had tried many other therapies in the past. As you know, I had become quite debilitated since I could no longer drive for more than 10 minutes. I could not shop for groceries, and on most days I could manage no more than the simplest housekeeping chores. I got sick at every meal as nausea and dizziness severely limited my activity. By way of my various therapies, I have reclaimed huge tracts of my life. I drive, shop, work around the house, help others around their homes, eat, and read with pleasure. Last month, I worked one week as a counselor at a sleep-away summer camp. This month, I undertook one 3-day training to prepare to teach on a substitute basis and I will participate in a week long sports medicine workshop. I hope the latter will help me secure a coaching position. In general, my energy level is much better and I feel I can count on feeling well enough to work now.

Like all rehab therapies, vision rehabilitation hurts, but only for a while. I became nauseated and had to stop within a minute of starting my first homework assignment. Eventually, I could tolerate 20-30 minutes, two to three times a day. I liked learning about my eyes, what they do, how they do it. I have learned via the program to exert more control over my eye movements. I found the visagraph analysis technology fascinating and some of the "optical illusions" are just plain great!

Additionally, I am so appreciative of the maturity and professionalism of your staff, that you might consider adding me as a therapist to your staff!
Walter K.

I am writing on behalf of your fellow physician, Dr. Don Blackburn. After doing some lengthy research on vision therapy via the internet, other ophthalmologists and optometrists, I was directed to Dr. Blackburn.

Dr. Blackburn is a real asset to your group of doctors. From our initial visit in mid-June through to the present, he and his staff have been extremely caring and helpful in the treatment of our son, Kurtis. He gave Kurt a thorough examination, explained his findings to me, and then presented suggestions for a course of treatment. He then took time to go the "extra mile" and write a letter explaining his diagnosis to Kurt's pediatrician. After reading the letter, you find that it is thorough and explains in detail Kurt's diagnosis and why he chooses the course of treatment that he does. A copy of this letter was given to the school that Kurt will be attending and in turn aids them immensely in areas that he will need extra attention and help. The letter, along with phone dialogue with Dr. Blackburn aided us in getting some monetary help towards Kurt's therapy! After thanking, Dr. Blackburn for drafting the letter and questioning him farther, I found out that he himself typed the letter!

In talking with other parents who have experience in this arena and research, I feel that you will see a large increase in the number of children who will be using vision therapy in the future. I personally will be recommending Dr. Blackburn and his therapy team. Should you have any questions regarding this letter, or would like to discuss anything in further detail, I would be most happy to talk with you.
Kimberly Z.

I decided to try this [vision rehabilitation] program because the frequency and intensity of my headaches (migraine) reached a level of where I could no longer work. Other problems included blurred vision, double vision, and severe motion sickness. The headaches are gone, as are the blurred vision, double vision, and the motion sickness has been greatly improved if not eliminated. Another area is with my back. When sitting in straight back chairs my back would start hurting after 10-15 minutes. A day of this would cause several days of pain. After this program I have spent 4 full days in these chairs and not a problem. I believe the eye strain caused muscle and back strain. It has allowed me to return to work. Without this program I would have had to quit my job. Am not sure what if anything I could have done. It [Vision Therapy] has allowed me to continue working. Without this therapy, I would not be working or at least not in my job that requires me to do detailed work. I had these problems for about 30 years and asked numerous family practice doctors for help (they offered none) and have had my eyes examined at least every 2 years, why was this condition not identified before now?
Jon D.

"I wish this was more common place in the school system. I think it would be of great benefit to many children. If your child is not enjoying reading this may be exactly what they need. This is something that will help her for the rest of her life.'... No more double vision, no more headaches, no skipping of words or lines when reading, no eyestrain or watering eyes when reading."
Brittany D., young patient

"I am much better at focusing and have been able to read much better and longer. Can now read while riding in a car. I think that this program was great help to me. It improved my reading and headaches. Without this, my life would be unbearable as I am disabled and can not do a lot, so my eyes are my life."
Phyllis G., adult

"After 7 sessions it was something tangible I could do to help improve drastically my vision problems."
Linda P., adult

"The ability to teach the 'patient' how to treat themselves so they can be in control of their own therapy. This allows the patient to have a lifetime cure. I really believe and trust in your methods. All that I ask is that you never stop helping others."
Chelsea H.

"I can read faster. I don't loose my place. I got better grades. It helped me read better. It's hard but if you try, it's easy."
Damon L., child

"Teachers and other people who work with children should be aware of convergence disorder and consider it may a cause of reading problems. It has helped [our child's] self esteem to know that she isn't 'stupid' and unable to read. Her frustration is much less and she now knows this is a problem we can fix."
Karen W.

"As a graduate student reading frequently, I had been dependent on reading glasses for eight years. After completing the vision therapy program, I no longer require them. This has also given me a great alternative to the frustration of bifocals."
Lisa M.

"His school teacher noticed the improvement in his performance due to his participation in vision therapy." It is well worth the effort and time! Go for it. If you can do anything to help a child love to read and feel better about himself, it is worth it!"
William H.

"I have always had problems reading and found out there was [vision] therapy that would help. Now the words do not move on the page and I am able to get through the newspaper and read quicker."
Patricia R.

"We spent almost $5000 dollars in reading help with Sylvan Learning Centers with minimal results. It was time to try something else. Paul benchmarks now at grade level and he has also improved 2 whole grade levels in 8 months. Two doctors (an ophthalmologist and a neurologist) told me not to bother with vision therapy. But Paul's eye was constantly 'turned out' and he had so much trouble with reading. Vision therapy was probably the best treatment for him. It was worth the time and money, and effort. We really enjoyed working with the computerized vision therapy system."
Karen K.

"After 3 years of fighting with the school district, they have finally realized that Tyler is a gifted child in need of services! We had a meeting about two weeks ago. The IQ test they gave him showed him in the 140s so they claimed the test was invalid. They then gave a different IQ test and this one showed him to be gifted also. We to a meeting on the 24th to write his IEP. It was a long battle. Thank you for the work you did with Tyler and the therapy that was prescribed to enable him to show his true potential."
Bonnie M.

"Sarah can read longer and understands what has been read better than before. Her self esteem is higher and she got straight A's for the first time and has continually done well semester after semester. We were pleased with everything that you and your staff has done."
Judy B.

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